Environmental Protection

„Responsibility & sustainability!“


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Hartl Connect Transport GmbH considers environmental protection an essential component of its sustainable development policy. We are aware that our activity as an international transport company involves a high degree of ecological and social responsibility. We take this responsibility seriously and naturally comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, we are committed to the most economical and cost-effective use of scarce resources that is possible. Environmental issues and their related social factors have always shaped the strategic direction of the company and will continue to ensure the minimisation of any negative ecological impact in the future too.

The following measures document our responsible use of environment-relevant resources:

  • The motor technology of our vehicles meet the highest current standards for exhaust and noise emissions.
  • Repairs and maintenance work is carried out exclusively in specialist workshops.
  • Only environmentally friendly lubricants are used and we guarantee their proper disposal.
  • We minimise pollution caused by truck traffic through the use of IT-based scheduling, tacking and navigation systems as well as combined transport. We also keep the number of preventable empty runs as low as possible.  
  • Our drivers are specially trained in fuel-efficient driving.
  • The awareness and training of our employees on environmental issues is an ongoing concern for us and takes place at regular intervals.
  • We do not transport harzardous materials and thus avoid the risk of environmentally harmful accidents, etc.

The environmental policy, as a part of our company’s strategic orientation, is the subject of ongoing optimisation and further development in this regard. Ecological targets, their definition and current rating are the subject of an annually compiled environmental action plan. The strategic implementation of the listed content is the responsibility of senior management. Its operational implementation is carried out by the person responsible for quality and environment, workshop managers and all employees in executive or managerial roles.


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