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HARTL offers you more than 50 years of experience in the transport industry; combined with a modern perspective on things, you can’t go wrong. Our mission has always been to provide the best solution for transportation demands. Our vision is the consistent expansion of our portfolio as a European transportation and logistics service provider - HARTL: "one step ahead!"

Establishment of the company More
It was in 1965, when Ernst Hartl senior laid the cornerstone for the HARTL Group in Saalfelden/Austria. In the first few years, lumber shipments were made from the Salzburg area to southern Italy. Image.
Focus on transport from Germany to Italy and back More
In 1977, the company specialised in transportation from Germany to Italy and back.
Founding the location in Vomp More
In 1986, the location in Vomp was founded. From then onwards HARTL expanded its sphere of influence. Fast and reliable FTL transportation services all across the European Union transformed HARTL into an internationally operating company. With this expansion the organisation had to adapt: new legal entities around specific core competencies were set up, in order to deliver specialised benefits to our customers. Image.
Establishment of "Hartltrans Romania SRL" More
Founded in 2006, this branch is located in the economic centre of Romania’s west. With its skilled workforce and competitive resource costs, Timisoara provides a perfect base for the economically emergent market in Romania.
"Hartl Connect Transport GmbH" and "Hartl Carrier SRL" More
In 2013, "Hartl Transport GmbH" was re-named to "Hartl Connect Transport GmbH", which is a service-oriented full-scale logistic partner that organises EU-wide transport solutions that are of high quality and speed. "Hartltrans Romania SRL" was re-named to "Hartl Carrier SRL", which focuses on moving cargo from A to B in a fast and reliable manner using its own fleet of 200 Tautliners. These steps illustrate the multi-facetted orientation of the HARTL Group towards transportation service solutions of all kinds.
HARTL celebrates 50 years of being ONE STEP AHEAD More
This year, we are proud to be able to celebrate our 50th year in business. Image.
HARTL - A leading European transportation and logistics service provider More
Hartl Carrier disposes of a fleet of over 500 Tautliners, which run a yearly mileage of over 75.000.000 km. Hartl Crew employs a staff of 1000 highly trained drivers. Hartl Connect disposes of a contracted fleet of 1000 trucks and organises over 200.000 FTLs per year.


We are looking for reliable hauliers owning trucks with or without trailers, for a continuous, all year long collaboration on our several round trips within the European Union.